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January 2018
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12 Expert Quotes About Being An Expert At Giving Quotes

Devesh KhanalDevesh Khanal

Roundup posts are all the rage right now because they’re so much easier to write than actually spending time thinking of genuinely useful content.

But even better than doing roundups is being featured in them. You get links, fame, and glory, all for giving a 2 sentence quote about a topic you may or may not have any experience in.

So we asked 12 experts to give us some marginally useful quotes about being an expert at giving quotes for roundups.

To do this, we sent 175 experts an unnecessarily long email asking for a simple quote, and we got 12 responses (pretty good conversion rate!).

Without further ado, here are their quotes and I’m so happy my work of writing a post is now done:

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“If everyone shares bad content, it actually, by definition, becomes good content. You see? That’s the magic behind it.”- Sean Mcarty, CEO, seanmcarty.com


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“Thank GOD for roundup posts. I used to spend day and night trying to build links the hard way, but now I just give 2 sentence quotes about random stuff and I’m ranking #1 for keywords like “buy flowers online”, it’s amazing.” – Rose Fairley, Chief Evangelist, onlinemarketing.agency


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“Do I actually share this shit after they publish it? Hell no! I just say thanks and give my dog a high five for another link built!” –Trevor Schneider, Founder, trevorisawesome.com


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“I don’t actually want my audience to know that I help produce this, so can I use a pseudonym but still have you link to our domain?”- Lars Rasmussen, Co-founder, vincentchen.com


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“How did you get my email?” – Tatiana Petroviska, CEO/CMO/CRO, tatianapetroviska.com


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“I take roundup posts really seriously. I have a full process for responding in the morning. First, I wake up and do 15 minutes of meditation using Headspace. Then, I make a cup of bulletproof coffee with an entire stick of grass fed butter in it. I import the butter from Chile because the grass fed butter here isn’t as good. Then reading, then reflection, and finally I respond to roundup requests. I find this way I get the most creativity to answer questions like ‘What are your top 3 marketing tools of 2017?’” – Edward Norris, Head of Customer Smiles, Marketize.ly


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“My top 3 marketing tools are Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, and Wordable…I’m sorry, what’s the question?”- Jacob Stein, Founder, iloveseo.com


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“Is it okay if I give you a photo of me from 20 years ago, even if it doesn’t look like me anymore?” – Jennifer McNalley, Head of Content, Saasapply.io


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“At first, I was hesitant to add the word “influencer” to my LinkedIn byline, but like, fuck it, I’ve been an expert in 14 posts now.” – Summer Winters, Content Associate, saasapp.com


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“At first I thought, well, if there are 64 other experts being quoted, does that really make me an expert? But now I’ve learned to just relish the exposure.” – Bill Hegenberger, Founder, Billspodcast.com

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“I was in an Apple store last weekend and this one girl kept looking at me funny. I mean, I can’t say for sure it’s because of the round up posts, but things like this didn’t use to happen before, you know?” – Ed Corey, Javascript developer, jsblog.com

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“I’m actually starting a course on how to be an expert on roundup posts. I’ve been featured on 6 of them and they’ve changed my life. I want to share that experience with everyone, for $299.”- Dave Lally, Founder, rounduppostdomination.com

And there you have it, 12 experts dropping knowledge bombs on what it’s like to be featured in roundup posts. If you’d like to be featured in our next roundup, click here.

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  • Aaron Orendorff

    this. is. brilliant!

  • LOL this is great, although I love roundup posts when the question being asked isn’t dumb. I’m doing one right now where a bunch of millionaires are telling me about the biggest fails in their career and it’s super interesting. Won’t even care if nobody reads it.

    • I remember there was a guy who did something similar before… Napoleon Hill ? 🙂

      • Interestingly, there’s no actual evidence that he ever met with Carnegie. He also was involved in several shady business deals

        • Yet he was able to persuade millions of people. And got them to buy his book and sign up to his course. Isn’t that the way most of online marketing works? 🙂

    • Aaron Orendorff

      WHAT?! And you didn’t ask me to participate, @jacobmcmillen:disqus?

      Sup with that man? 😉

      • Baha is this a joke? You literally just sent me your response last week!

        • Aaron Orendorff

          Oh that one. I saw the word “millionaires” and swallowed hard 😉

          • Haha you are one of a couple soon-to-be millionaire I included as well 😉

  • soniasimone

    Ha! I have no beef with roundup posts, however I find this hilarious.

  • Classic!

  • This is perfect; I wish I’d written it. I’ll still respond to roundup quote requests though – easiest backlink ever!

  • Paul Brice

    Wow – this post proves you can become an expert on experts! Gonna take a leaf out of Dave Lally’s book and do a roundup on roundup experts.

    Anyone in for a link?

    I mean anybody up for sharing actionable, high value insights?

  • Anja Fordon

    LOVE IT!

  • This cracks me up. I love this kind of inception satire. I took a similar approach on this post, in which I claim that declaring things dead is dead http://www.halwerner.com/declaring-things-dead-is-dead/

    • Hal that link didn’t work for me but I’d love to read it. Just the title sounds funny.

      • Bad timing on my part – I’m trying to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. Not sure exactly how long that takes. So probably worth checking back later today or tomorrow. If it’s still not working tomorrow, you’ll know I’m frantically trying to figure out how to get my site back up in one piece.

  • Absolutely brilliant! I can’t even find the right words… brilliant! 🙂

  • Dang… i am gullible. LOL.

    • Haha. Although Disqus doesn’t show your first comment it did send me an email of it. Made my day!

      • You got me!!! LOL When I tried to look up one of the people and saw their domain didnt work, I got one of those, OH OH, something is odd here, then I tried a second one and the gig was up! I should have read the comments!

        So many serious posts, its refreshing to see some parody. You may want to start the Onion for Digital Marketers. The dis information and regurgitation will be very interesting and fun to see.

  • Where was my invite?

  • I’m triggered you didn’t email me for a quote.

  • I tried to get the course at rounduppostdomination.com. The website must be getting so much traffic it crashed?